First attempt of an exhibiton… No shuffle…

That is : How to organize a stress-free exhibition?    The best is if someone else is the organizer and all you have to do is to set up your own stand. Exactly,  what my way was. Having a kind invitation to participate was the first real help, as well as a real surprise, and extra power added to self estimation. Noticing this  unexpected e-mail of allure of TICA cat show organizers, a few days  just before the show was shocking though…  First reaction could have been almost the entire list of emojis. Me, exhibiting my products? But how can I do that?! Research has begun…  Net is my best friend so, I figured out it will solve my sudden problem. Basically, the five days long result of my search was: Be found. Spread the world. Bring people to your booth. Enhance your in-boot presence. Be generous. Go live… and so on. My confusion was even heavier. Then I just started getting things done by my ways. Normally, this is what I’d always do. Time is short? No worries. God has created the world in just seven days. Why could I not manage my challenge in a bit more time? Day by day I’d overcrossed certain tasks on my list and felt glad to have them completed. The last, I remember is to start welcoming sweet, sparkling eyed visitors..  So, where was the secret? Could it be just these stylish, elegant cat sofas I exhibited? Is it that simple?  FELINEVA HELPS. FELINEVA TAKES IT FOR GRANTED. Actually it was the first TICA Show organzided by the new Hungarian KaTICA Cat Club. Three wonderful days with cat friends from all over the world, great judges, welcome cake , one of the best cat photographers the famous Helmi Flick and a very rare new breed Lykoi!  lots of laugh, nice accomodation, super duper party with cocktail bar in this beautiful city of Székesfehérvár. Judit Józan and Szilvia Józan the loveliest host of the event - I am so happy that your dream came true and I was there!  
February 27, 2018. by Felineva in
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